and Pines, behind him. — He felt indeed al:: most distracted with his fears, and shuttinghis Eyes till he arrived at the Village to pre::vent his seeing either Gipsies or Ghosts, herode on a full gallop all the way. On hisstet1 [Displacement] James Edward Austen return home, he rang the housebell, but no one appeared, a second time he rang, but the door was not opened, a third & a fourthwith as little succeſs, when observing the diningparlour window opened he leapt in, & persued his way through the house tillhe reached Maria'sDreſsingroom, wherehe found all the servants aſsembled at teaSurprized at so very unusual a sight, he fainted, on his recovery he found himselfon the Sofa, with his wife's maid kneelingby him, chafing his temples with Hungarywater . From her he learned that his beloved Maria had been so much grieved at his departure that she died of a brokenheart about 3 hours after his departure


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