James Edward Austen He then became sufficiently composedto give neceſsary orders for her funeral which took place the Monday followingthis being the Saturday – When Mr Gowerhad settled the order of the proceſsion he set out himself to Carlisle, to give vent to his sorrow in the bosom of hisfamily – He arrived there in high health& Spirits, after a delightful journey of 3days & a 1/2 What was his surprizeon entering the Breakfast parlour to see Rosa his beloved Rosa seated on a chaise long Sofa; at the sight of him she fainted & would have fallen hadnot a Gentleman sitting with his back to the door, started up & saved her fromsinking to the ground — She very soon came to herself & then introduced thisgentleman to her Brother as her Husband a Mr Davenport —

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