I see, I plainly see that you are a very vile Man – And now I have the honour of wishingall your Lordships, and Ladyships a good Night." He immediately left the room, forgetting in theheat of his Anger the lateneſs of the hour, which at any other time would have madehim tremble, & leaving the whole Company unanimous in their opinion of his being mad. When however he had mounted his horseand the great Gates of the Castle had shut him out, he felt an universal tremor through out his whole frame. If we consider his Situation indeed, alone, on horseback, as late in the year as August, and in the day, as nine o'clock, with no light to direct him butthat of the Moon almost full, and the Stars which alarmed him by their twinkling, whocan refrain from pitying him? — No housewithin a quarter of a mile, and a Gloomy Castle blackened by the deep shade of Walnuts

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