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1Anna Lefroy  On re entering his circular domain, his round- Robin of perpetual peace; where enjoymenthad no End, and calamity no commencement, his spirits became wonderfully composed, and a delicious calm extended itself through everynerve –With his pocket hankerchief (once hemmed by the genius of the too susceptible Rosa) he wiped the morbid moisture fromhis brow; – then flew to the Boudoir of hisMaria –And, did she not fly to meet her Frederick? Did she not dart from the couch on which she had so gracefully reclined, and, bounding like an agileFawn over the intervening Foot stool, pre=cipitate herself into his arms? Does she not, though fainting between every syllable, breathe forth as it were by installments her Frederick's adored name? Who isthere of perception so obtuse as not to realize the touching scene? Who, of ear so dull as not to catch the soft murmur of

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