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all the changes of each at theConcert, to be miserable by this morning's circumstantial report, tobe now, more happy than Languagecould expreſs, or any heart but hisown be capable of.X1 – There was timeforwas all this to pass, —be said& withsuch Interruptions only as en::hanced the charm of the communicationconversation — and Bath cd .could scarcely contain anyother twomore Beings at once somore rationally & so rapturously happy as during thateveng .evening occupied the Sopha of ofMrs . Croft's Drawing room in Gay St .Street

Capt .CaptainW. –Wentworth had taken care tomeet the Adml -Admiral as he returned intothe house, to satisfy, & to en::deavour to silence him as toon thesubject of his enquiry Mr . E — &Kellynch; – and the innate delicacyof the Admiral's good naturehumour kept him from saying anotherword on the subject to Anne. — He was quite concerned lest he might have been giving her pain by touching a tender part.Who could say? — She might be liking her Cousin, better thanhe liked her. — And indeed,


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