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all the changes of each at the Concert, to be miserable by this morning's circumstantial report, tobe now, more happy than Languagecould expreſs, or any heart but hisown be capable of.X1 – There was timefor was all this to pass, — be said& withsuch Interruptions only as en::hanced the charm of the communicationconversation — and Bath cd .could scarcely contain anyother two more Beings at once so more rationally & so rapturously happy as during that eveng .evening occupied the Sopha of ofMrs . Croft's Drawing room in Gay St .Street

Capt .Captain W. –Wentworth had taken care tomeet the Adml -Admiral as he returned intothe house, to satisfy, & to en::deavour to silence him as to on the subject of his enquiry Mr . E — &Kellynch; – and the innate delicacyof the Admiral's good naturehumour kept him from saying anotherword on the subject to Anne. — He was quite concerned lest he might have been giving her pain by touching a tender part.Who could say? — She might be liking her Cousin, better thanhe liked her. — And indeed,


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