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upon recollection, if they hadbeen to marry at all it wdwould mustwhy should they have long ago. waited so have been done before now.long?

When the Eveng .Eveningclosed was bef over,it is probable that the Adml -Admiralreceived some new Ideas from his Wife; – and whose the very particularly freindlymanner in parting which Mrs . C-Croft partedwith her, gave made Anne beleive at least that the gratifying Be::persuasion of her seeing & leif of her warmly approving. what she saw or conjectured.

It had been such a day toAnne! – the hours which hadpaſsed since her leaving CamdenPlace, had done so much! — She was almost bewildered, al::most too happy in reflecting looking back. — on it. — It was neceſsary to sit up half the night & lie awake theremainder rest to comprehend with compo::sure her present state, & payfor the overplus of Bliſs, by Headake & Fatigue.

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