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of the Girls, he might be exciting unpleasant reports, if not, raisingunrequited regard! — He found, too late, that he had entangled himself — and that precisely, as he became1thoroughly satisfied of his not caring for Louisa at all, he must regard himself as bound to her, if her feelings for him, were what theHarvilles supposed. — It determinedhim to leave Lyme — & await her perfect recovery elsewhere. He wouldgladly weaken, by any fair means,whatever Sentiments or Speculationsconcerning him might exist; and he went therefore into Shropshire mean::ing after a while, to return to theCrofts at Kellynch, & then act ashe found requisite. He had re::mained in Shropshire, lamenting the Blindneſs blunders of his own Pride,2& the Blun::ders of his own Calculations, tillat once released from Louisa Uppercroſs by the astonishing felicity of herengagement with to Benwicke. – To Bath, To Bath — had instantly followed, in Thought; & not long after, in fact.To Bath, to arrive with Hope,to be torn by Jealousyat at the firstsight re-appearance of Mr . E Elliot, to expe::rience


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