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He was very eager & very de::lightful in the description ofwhat he had felt at the Concert. the Eveng .Evening beforeThe Eveng .Evening seemed to have been madeup of exquisite moments; – themoment of her stepping forward inthe Octagon room to speak to him –the moment of Mr . E'sElliot'sappearing & appearance dividing her from him. tearing her & of her being instantly lost to himaway,& one or two subsequent other moments af::terwards, marked by returninghope, or increasing dDespair,espondence1 alarm were alldwelt on with the energy. of Love."To see you, cried said he, in the midstof those who could not be mywell-wishers, to see your Cousinclose by heryou2conversing & smiling — & feel all the horrible Eligibilities & Proprieties of the Match! — to consider it as thecertain probable wish of every beingwho could hope to influence you — even, if your own feelings werereluctant, or indifferent — toconsider that what powerfulsupports would be his! Was


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