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within a mile or two of a Willingden,I sought no farther. — My Dear — (to his wife) I am very sorry to have broughtyou into this Scrape. awkward Predicament. Butdo not be alarmed about my Leg. It givesme no pain while I am quiet, – and as soon as these good people have succeededin setting the Carge .Carriage to rights & turningthe Horses round, the best thing we can do will be to measure back oursteps into the Turnpike road & proceedto Hailsham, & so Home, without at::tempting anything farther. – Twohours take us home, from Hailsham – And when once at home, we have ourremedy at hand.you know. – – A little of ourown Bracing Sea Air will soon set me on my feetagain. – Depend upon it my Dear, it isexactly a case for the Sea. Salineair & im::mersion will be the very thing. – My Sensations tell me so already."

In a most friendly manner Mr . Heywood here interposed, entreating them notto think of proceeding till the ancle had been examined, & some refresh==ment taken, & very cordially preſsing

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