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them to make use of his House forboth purposes. — "We are always well stocked, said he, with all thecommon remedies for Sprains & Bruises & I will answer for the pleasure it will give my wife & daughters to beof service to you & this Lady use to Service, in every way intheir power. —" A twinge or two, in tryingto move his foot disposed the Travellor to think rather more as he had done at first of the benefit of immediateaſsistance — & consulting his wife in thefew words of "Well my Dear, I beleiveit will be we had better for us " accept this kind offer – " he turned again to Mr . H —Heywood & said —"Before we accept your Hospitality Sir, — &in order to do away any unfavourable im::preſsion which the sort of wild goose--chase you find me in, may havegivenrise to — — allow me to tell you whowe are. My name is Parker. — Mr .Parker of Sanditon; — this Lady, my wifeMrs . Parker. — We are on our roadhome fromLondon; —My name perhaps — tho'though Iam by no means the first of the my Family, holding Landed Property in the  Parish of Sanditon, may be unknown

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