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looked them over, added — "I beleive Ican explain it Sir. — Your mistake isin the place. — There are two Willing::dens in this Country — & your adver::tisements refer to the other — which is Great Willingden, or Willingden Abbots, & lies 7 miles off, on the other sideof Battel — quite down in the Weald.And we Sir — (speaking rather proudly)are not in the Weald." "Not down in the Weald I am sure Sir, repliedthe Travellor, pleasantly. It took ushalf an hour to climb your Hill. –Well Sir — I dare say it is as you say, & I have made an abominably stupid Blunder. — All done in a moment; – the advertisements did not catch myeye till thelast half hour of our beingin Town —; whereen1 [.]everything2was being inin the hurry & confusion which always attend ashort stay there –One is never nothing able to becompletedanything in the way of Busineſsyou know till the Carriage is at the door —and Iaccordingly satisfying satisfied myself with a breif enquiry,& finding we were actually to paſs


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