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house ina very inferior part of London, cd .couldoffer.1 for the rest of her stay. — She went; – was delighted with her welcome & the hospitality & attention she received fromevery body — found her good Cousins the Bbeyond her expectation were worthy people – & finally was impelled by a personal knowledge of their narrow Income & pecuniary difficulties, to invite oneof the girls of the family to paſs the Winterwith her. The invitation was to one, for sixmonths — with the probability of anotherbeing then to take her place; – but inselecting the one, Lady D.Denham had shewn thegood part of her Character – for paſsing bythe actual daughters of the House, she hadchosen Clara, a Neice —, more helpleſs &more pitiable of course than any — adependant on Poverty – an additional Bur::then on an encumbered Circle – & one, whohad been so low in every worldly veiw, as with all her natural endowments & powers, to havebeen preparing fora situation little better thana Nursery Maid. — Clara had returned withher – & by her good sense & merit sweetneſs unpretending manners had now, to all appearance secured a very stronghold in Lady D.'sDenham's regard. The six months had longbeen over — & not a syllable was breathed ofany change, or exchange. – She was a generalfavourite; – the influence of her steady conduct good Judgement& mild, unaſsuming, gentle Temper was felt by everybody. The prejudices which had met her atfirst in some quarters, were all diſsipated. Shewas felt to be worthy of Trust — to be the verycompanion who wd .would guide & soften Lady DDenham — who wd .would enlarge her mind & open her hand. — She was asthoroughly amiable as she was lovely — & sincehaving she had had the advantage of their Sanditon Breezes [Displacement]


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