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Poverty & Dependance, do not wantthe imagination of a Man to operate upon.With due exceptions –Woman feels forWoman verypromptly & compaſsionately. — He gave the particulars which had led to Clara's ad::miſsion at Sanditon, as no bad exemplificationof that mixture of Character, that union ofLittleneſs with Kindneſs with GoodSensewith even Liberality which he saw in LadyD.Denham — After having avoided being in Londonfor many years,principally on account of these1veryCousinsthere resident there, who were continuallywriting, inviting & tormenting her, & whom she wasshe haddetermined to keep at an distance, she had been obliged to go therethere last Michaelmas with the certainty of being detained at leasta fortnight. – She had gone to an Hotel – livingby her own account, as prudently as poſsible,to defy the reputedproverbial expensiveneſs of sucha home, & at the end of three Dayscallingcalledfor her Bill, that she might judge ofher state. —Its' amount was such as deter::mined her on stayingnot another hour inthe House, & she was preparing in all thegreatanger & perturbation which2 a beleif of verygroſs imposition there, & an ignorance ofwhere to go for better usage, to leave theHotel at all hazards, when the Cousins,the politic & lucky Cousins, who seemedalways to havea spy on her, introduced themselves at this important moment,& learning her situation, persuadedinduced her toaccept such a homefor the rest of her Stay as their humbler


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