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The severity of the fall was brokenby their slow pace & the narrowneſsof the Lane, & the Travellorsbeleived found themselves at firstonly shaken & bruisedGentleman having scrambled out & helped out his companion, they neitherof themat first felt more than shaken& bruised. But the Gentleman had in the course of the extricationsprained his foot — &soon becomingsensible of it in a few moments,was obligedin a few moments to cut short, both hisremonstrance to the Driver & hisself congratulations —to his wife & himself — & sit downon the bank, unable to stand. —

"There is something wrong here, saidhe — putting his hand to his ancleBut never mind, my Dear — (lookingup at her with a smile) — It cd -could not have happened, you know, in

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