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a better place. — Good out of Evil —. The very thing perhaps to be wished for.We shall soon get releif. —There, Ifancy lies my cure" — pointing to athe1neat-looking end of a Cottage, appearingwhich was seen peeping out from among wood, and romantically situatedamong wood on ahigh Eminence at some little Distance

"Does not that promise to be thevery place? —" His wife fervently hopedit was — but stood, terrified & anxious,neither & not able to do or suggest anything — & receiving her first real comfort from the sight of several personsnow coming from to their aſsistance.The accident had having been discernedfrom a Hay field adjoining the House they had paſsed — & the persons who approached, were a well-looking Hale, Gentlemanlike Man, of middle age,the Proprietor of the Place, who happenedto be among his Haymakers at the time, & three or four of the ablest of them summoned to attend their Master to say nothing of all therest of the field, Men, Women &


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