1 [ p.13 ]

the end the Dupes of their ownfallacious Calculations. — Such a place as Sanditon Sir, I may say waswanted, was called for. — Nature hadmarked it out — had spoken in mostintelligible Characters — The finest, purest Sea Breeze on the Coast — acknowledgedto be so — Excellent Bathing — fine hard Sand — Deep Water 10 yards from the Shore — no Mud — no Weeds — no slimey1 rocks — Never was there a place more palpablydesigned by Nature for the resort ofthe Invalid — the very Spot which Thousands seemed in need of. — The most desirable distance from London!One complete, a measured mile nearer than East Bourne. Only conceive Sir, the ad::vantage of saving a whole Mile,that, in a long Journey. But Brinshore Sir, which I daresay you have in your eye — the attempts of two or three speculating People about Brinshore, this lastyear, to raise that paltry Hamlet,lying, as it does situated between a stagnant marsh,a bleak Moor& the constant effluvia of a ridgeof putrifying Sea weded2, can end innothing but their own Disappointment.


RWC, 1925, reads 'slimey' as 'shiney'. Back to context...
'weed' altered from 'wed' by writing 'ed' over 'd'. Back to context...
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