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of Civilization, while the growth ofthe place, the Buildings, the Nursery laying Grounds out Gardens, the demand for every thing,& the sure resort of the very best Company,theose1 regular, steady, private Familiesof thorough Gentility & Character, who exciteare a bleſsing every where, excite not only the industry of the Poor,2and but diffuse comfort & improvement amongthem of every sort. kind. — No Sir, I aſsureyou, Sanditon is not a place " "I do not mean to take exceptions toany one place in particular Sir, an::swered Mr . H.Heywood — I only think our Coastis too full of them altogether — Buthad not we better try to get you" — "Our Coast too full" — repeated Mr . P.ParkerOn that point perhaps we may nottotally disagree; – At least there are enough.Our Coast is abundant enough; it demandsno more. – Everybody's Taste & everybody's finances may be suited — And those good people who are trying to add to the number, are in myopinion exceſsively absurd, & I have no doubt willmust soon find themselves in


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