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at this distance from the Coast — butSanditonitself — — everybody has heard of Sanditon, — the favourite — for a young & rising Bathing--place, certainly the favourite spot the most favourite of allthat are to be found along the favourite Coast of Suſsex; – the most favoured by Nature,& promising to be cons[..]quently, the most likely to be chosenby Man." – "Yes – I have heard of Sanditon.replied Mr . H.Heywood — Every five years, one hears of some new place or other starting up by the Sea, & growing the fashion. – How they canhalf of them be filled, is the wonder! amazing to me!Where People can be found with Moneyor & Time to go to them! – Bad things fora any Country; – – sure to raise the price of Provisions& make the Poor good for nothingas – I daresay you find,1 it so Sir." "Not at all Sir,not at all – cried Mr . Parker eagerly.Quite the contrary I aſsure you. — Acommon idea – but a mistaken one. It may apply to your large, overgrown Places, like Brighton, or Worthing, orEast Bourne — but not to a small Village like Sanditon, precluded byits size from experiencing feeling any of the evils


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