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Ld .Lord Osborne was a very fine young man;but there was an air of, Coldneſs, of Careleſsneſs, even ofAwkwardneſs about him, which seemed tospeak him out of his Element in a Ball room. He came in fact only because it was judgedexpedient for him to please the BoroughTown — he was notfond of Women’s company, & henever danced. —Mr . Howard was an1veryagreable-lookingMan, alittle more than Thirty. At the conclusion of the two Dances, Emma foundherself, she knew not how, seated amongst theOsborne Set; & she was immediately struckwith the fine Countenance & animated ges::tures of the little boy, as he was standing before his Mother, wondering when theyshould begin. — "You will not be surprisedwonder atCharles’s impatience, said Mrs .. Blake, alively pleasant-looking little Woman of 5 or6 & 30, to a Lady who was standing nearher,when you know what a partner he isto have. Miſs Osborne has been so very kind as to promise to dance the two 1stdances with him." —"Oh! yes – we have been


From the crowding of the letters, 'a' was evidently changed to 'an' (by inline insertion of 'n'), presumably when 'very' was deleted.Back to context...
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