3 [p.8]

within, the important Party, preceded by the attentive Master of the Inn to open a door whichwas never shut, made their appearance. Theyconsisted of Ly.Lady Osborne, her son Ld .Lord Osborne, herdaughter Miſs Osborne; Miſs Carr, her daughter’sfriend, Mr .. Howard formerly Tutor to Ld .Lord Osborne,now Clergyman of the Parish in which the Castlestood, Mrs .. Blake, a his widow-sister who livedwith him, her son a fine boy of 10 years old,& Mr . Tom Musgrave; who had probablyimprisoned within his own room, had been listening in bitter impatience to thesound of the Music, for the last half hour.In their progreſs up the room, they pausedalmost immediately behind Emma, to receivethe Compts .Compliments of some acquaintance, & she heard Ly.Lady Osborne observe that they had made a were comepoint of coming early for the gratificationof Mrs . Blake’s little boy, who was uncommonlyfond of dancing. Emma looked at them allas they paſsed – but cheifly her eyes & with most intereston Tom Musgrave, who was certainly a genteel, good looking young man. Of the females, Ly.LadyOsborne had by was the much the finest person; – tho’thoughnearly 50, she was very handsome, & had all quitethe Dignity air of a woman of Rank.

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