3 [p.7]

her name was whispered from oneparty to another,& no sooner had the signal been given for be::ginning, by the Orchestra’s striking up a fa::vourite air, which seemed to call the young Men to& the young to put all the youngtheir duty, & people the centre of the room, people in motion, than she found herself en::gaged to dance with a Brother officer, introducedby Capt.Captain Hunter. — Emma Watson was notmore than of the middleng1 height — well made& plump, with an air of healthy vigour. – Herskin was very brown, but clear, smooth andglowing –; which with & she had a lively Eye, brightened with a fine colour a sweet smile,& an open Countenance, shegave had beauty toattract, & expreſsion to engage make that beauty it seemimprove greater on acquaintance. Having no reasonto be diſsatisfied with her partner, the Eveng .Evening Ballbegan very pleasantly to her; & her feelingsperfectly coincided with the re-iterated ob::servation of others, that it was an excellent Ball. — The two first dances were not quite nearlyover, when the returning sound of Carriagesafter a long interruption, called generalnotice, & "the Osbornes are coming, theOsbornes are coming" — was repeated roundthe room. — After some minutes of extraor::dinary bustle without, & watchful curiosity


The 'e' of 'middle' was presumably originally an 'i', but it has not been dotted. Back to context...
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