3 [p.6]

"He has about 8 or 900£ a year I beleive. – Hecame into poſseſsion of it, when he was very young, & my Father & Mother think it has given himrather an unsettled turn. — He is no favourite withthem." — The cold & empty appearance air of the Room &the demure solemn air began soon to of the small cluster of Females,at one end of itbegan soon now to give away; the inspiriting soundof other Carriages was heard, & continual acceſsionsof portly Chaperons, & strings of smartly-dreſsed giggling girls were received, with now & then a fresh,gentleman straggler straggling Man, who if not enough in Love with any fair creature She, to station himself near any her, fair Creature seemed glad to escape into the Card-room. —

Among the increasing numbers of Military Men, one now made his way to Miſs Edwards,with an air of Empreſsément, which decidedlysaid to her Companion "I am Capt.Captain Hunter." —& Emma, who could not but watch her atsuch a moment, saw her looking rather distreſsed, but rather shy but notby no1 means than displeased, & heard an engagement formedfor the two first dances, which made himher think poorly ill of her Brothers Sam’s a hopeleſs chances. — case. Emma in the mean while was not unob::served, or unadmired herself. A new face& a very pretty one, could not be slighted


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