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carriage was heard to go by, which was theconstant signal for Mrs . Edwardsto ordering hersto the door; & in a very few minutes, the partywere transported from the quiet & warmth ofa snug parlour, to the bustle, noise & draughtsof air of the broad Entrance-paſsage of an Inn.Mrs . Edwards carefully guarding her own dreſs,while she attended with & watching over the yet greater Solicitude tothe proper security of her young Charges’ Shoulders& Throats, led the way up the wide staircase, while no sound of a Ball but the first, tuning Scrape of one violin, bleſsed the ears of her fol::lowers, & Miſs Edwards on hazarding theanxious enquiry of whether there were manypeople yet comeyet, was only as she knew she should told, by the Waiteras she knew she should, that "Mr . Tomlinson’s family were in the room." In paſsing along a short gallery to the Aſ::sembly-room, brilliantin Candle-lights before them with Candles, They were accosted by a young Man in a morning dreſs & Boots, who was standing in thedoorway of a Bedchamber, apparently seemingly onpurpose to see them go by. —"Ah! Mrs . EEdwardeshow do you do? – How do you do Miſs E.Edwardes? —he cried, with an

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