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a second choice. match. " observed Mr . Edwardes. "Carefulneſs —Discretion — The Caution should not be confined to Elderly Ladies, or to a second choice marriage connection added his wife.It is quite as neceſsary to young Ladies in theirfirst. choice. " — "Rather more so, my dear replied hebecause young Ladies are likely to feel theeffects of it longer. When an old Lady playsthe fool, it is not in the course of naturethat she should suffer from it many years."

Emma drew her hand acroſs her eyes – &Mrs . Edwards on perceiving it, changed thesubject to one of leſs anxiety to all.

With nothing to do but to expect the hourof setting off, the afternoon was long to thetwo young Ladies; & tho’though Miſs Edwards wasrather discomposed at the very early hourwhich her mother always fixed for going,that early hour itself was watched for withsome eagerneſs. – The entrance of the Tea thingsat 7 o’clock was some releif — & luckily Mr .& Mrs . Edwards always drank a dish ex::traordinary, & ate an additional muffin when they were to going to sit up late, whichlengthened the ceremony to almost to the wished for desirablemoment. At a little before 8, the Tomlinsons

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