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"I hope so, I beleive so, Sir — said Emma in someagitation." —"Mr . Turner had not been dead a great while I think? Mr . "Her name was Turner — "About 2 years Sir."   "I forget what her name is now?" I forget what it is now — "O’brien." "Irish!Ah! I remember – & she is gone to settle in Ire::land. – I do not wonder that you should not wishto go with her into that Country Miſs Emma —.but it must be a great deprivation to her, poor Lady! — After bringing you up like a Child of her own." — "I was not so ungratefulSir, said Emma warmly, as to wish to be anywhere but with her. — It did not suit them,it did not suit Capt.Captain O’brien that I shd .should beof the party. —" "Captain! — repeated Mrs . EEdwardes, drawing up the Gentleman is in the army then?" "Yes Ma’am." — "Aye – there is nothing likeyour officers for captivating the Ladies, Young or Old. — There is no resisting a Cockademy dear." — "I hope there is." — said Mrs . E.Edwardesgravely, with a quick glance at her daughter; — andEmma had just recovered from her own perturbation just in time to see a blush on Miſs E.’sEdwardes'scheek, & in to remembering1 what Elizabeth hadsaid of Capt.Captain Hunter, to wonder & waverbetween his influence & her brother’s.

"Elderly Ladies should be careful how they make


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