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was an old greivance. — "So late, my dear, whatare you talking of; cried the Husband with sturdypleasantry —. We are always at home before midnight. They would laugh at Osborne Castleto hear you call that late; they are but justrising from dinner at midnight." —"That isnothing to the purpose. – retorted the Ladycalmly gravely.The Osbornes are to be no rule for us.You hadbetter meet every night, & break up two yourhours sooner." party at ten, than So far, the subject was veryoften carried; – but Mr . & Mrs . Edwards were sowiseas enough never to paſs that point; & Mr . Edwardsnowturned to something else,.thHe1 had lived long sufficiently long enough in the Idleneſs of a Town tobecome a little of a Goſsip, & having he had somecuriosity to know more of the the marriage of that  Circumstances of Aunt with whom his young Guest had been used to reside, than had yet reached him, he began ob::withserved to her, "I think Miſs Emma, I remem::ber your Aunt very well about 30 years ago; I am one of thepretty sure I danced with her in the old at Wiltshire’srooms at Bath, the year before I married —.She was a very fine woman then — but likeother people I suppose she is grown somewhat older since that time. — I hope she is likelyto be happy in her second choice."


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