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very little apology cd .could be requisite to theEdwardes, who must be more glad of yourcompany than of mine, & I shd .should shall mostreadily return to my Father; & should notbeat all afraid to drive this quiet old Creature .1home.Your Cloathes I would undertake to findmeans of sending to you. " —"My dearest Emmacried Eliz:Elizabeth warmly — do you think I woulddo such a thing? – Not for the Universebut I shall never forget your goodnaturein proposing it. What a sweet temper yYou2must have !a3sweet temper indeed! —I never met with any thinglike it so kind! – And wd .would you really give up the Ball, that I might be able to go to it! – Be::leive me Emma, I shall never forget the kindneſs of the proposal. — But I am not soselfish as that comes to. to accept it. No, tho'though I am nineyears older than you are, I would not bethe means of keeping you from beingseen. – You are very pretty, & it would bevery hard that you should not have as faira chance as we have all had, to makeyour fortune. – No Emma, whoever staysat home this winter, it sha'nt be you.


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