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I am sure I shd .should never have forgiven theperson who kept me from a Ball at 19."Emma expreſsed her gratitude, & for a few min::utes they jogged on in silence. — Elizabethfirst spoke. — "You will take notice whoMary Edwards dances with." — "I will remem::ber her partnerstheir names if I can – but do you know wish me they will be all strangers particularly to observe them to me." "Onlyobserve whether she dances with Capt.CaptainHunter, Carrmore than once; I have my fears am rather afraidin of thatquarter. Not that her Father or Mother likeofficers, but if she does you know, it is all all theover with worse for poor Sam. –And I have promisedto write him word who she dances with."

"Is Sam attached to Miſs Edwardes?" "Didnot you know that? —" "How should I knowit? – How should I know in Shropshire Devonshire, whatis paſsing of that nature in Surry? in Suſsex? — It is not likely thatcircumstances of such delicacy so delicate a nature shouldmake any part of the scanty communication Correspondencewhich paſsed betweenyou & me for the last 14 us for a dozen years;"

"I wonder I never mentioned it when Iwrote. Since you have been at home, Ihave been so busy with my poor Father& our great wash

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