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As they splashed along the dirty Lane Miſs Watson thus instructed &cautioned her inexperienc'dinexperienced sister. — "I dare say ityou will behave a very goodBall, & among so many officers, you will hardlynot want partners. Youwill find Mrs . Edwards' maid very willing to help you, andbut I would re==advisecommend you to ask Mary Edwards's opinion if you are at all at a loſsfor she has a very good Taste. – If Mr . E.Edwards does not lose his money atCards, you will stay as late as you can wish for,;1& hav if he does, hewill hurry you home perhaps – but you are sure of some comfortableSoup. – I hope you will be in good looks . I should not be sur--prised if you were to be thought one of the prettiest girls in the room,& there is a great deal in Novelty. Perhaps TomCharles Musgrave may ad:take notice of you – but I would advise you by all means not togive him any encouragement. He generally pays attention to everyanynew girl, but he is a great flirt & never means anything serious."

"I think I have heard you speak of him before, said Emma. Who is he?" "A young Man of very good fortune, quite independant, & remark::ably agreable, an universal favourite wherever he goes. Most of the


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