girls hereabouts are in love with him, or have been. I beleive Iam the only one among them that have escaped with a whole heart,and yet I was the first he paid attention to, when he came into this Country, six years ago; and very great attention indeed did he pay me.Some people say that he has never seemed to like any girl so wellsince, tho'though he is always behaving in a particular way to philandering with one oran other." "And how came your heart to be the only cold one? –" said Emma smiling. "There was a reason for that — replied Miſs W.Watson changing colour. – I have not beenvery well used Emma among them, I hope you will have better luck." "Dear Sister, I beg your pardon, if I have unthinkingly given you pain." –"When first we knew Tom Musgrave, continued Miſs W.Watson without seeming to hearher, I was very much attached to a young Man of the name of Purvis a neighbour — & he to  a particular freind of Robert's, who used to be with us a great deal. me. Perhaps you may see him tonight. His name is Purvis & he has the  Every body thought it would have been a Match." A sigh accompanied Living of Alford – about 14 miles off. — We were very much attached to each other these words, which Emma would have respected in silence — too much to urge continue the subject; farther; but her Sisterafter a short pause, went on —. had pleasure in the communication

"You will naturally ask why it did not take place, & why he is married toanother Woman., while I am still single. — But you must ask him — notme – you must ask Penelope. – Yes Emma, Penelope was at the bottom of it

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