by the vile arts of some totally unprincipled& heart-leſs young Man, desperately in love withthe Heroine, & pursueing her with unrelentingpaſsion — no sooner settled in one Country ofEurope than they are neceſsitated to quit it &retire to another — always making new acquain::tance, & always obliged to leave them. — This willof course exhibit a wide variety of CharactersBut there will be no mixture; the scene will be for ever shifting from one10. Mary Cooke. Set of People to anotherbut All the 10. Good will beunexceptionable in every respect —and there will beno foibles or weakneſses but with the Wicked, who will be completely depraved & infamous, hardlya resemblance of Humanity Mortal left in them. — Earlyin her career, in the progreſs of her first removals,11. Fanny Knight. Heroine must meet with the Hero — all 11. perfectionof course —& only prevented from paying his addreſsesto her, by some exceſs of refinement. — Wherever she goes, somebody falls in love with her, & shereceives repeated offers of Marriage — which shealways refers wholly to her Father, exceedingly12. Mrs . Pearse ofChilton-Lodge.angry that 12. he shd .should not be first applied to. — Often carried away by the anti-hero, butrescued either by her Father or the Herooften reduced to support herself & her Fatherby her Talents, & work for her Bread; — con::tinually cheated & defrauded of her hire, worndown to a Skeleton, & now & then starved todeath —. At last, hunted out of civilized Society,denied the poor Shelter of the humblest Cottage, they are compelled to retreat into Kamschatka

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