relate to her the past events of his Life. This Narrative will reach through the greatest partof the 1.st vol.volume — as besides all the circumstancesof his attachment to her Mother & taheir Marriage,6. Mr . Clarke.it will comprehend his going to sea as 6. Chaplainto a distinguished Naval Character about the Court,his going afterwards to Court himself, whichintroduced him to a great variety of Characters & involved him in many interesting situations,concluding with his opinion of the Benefitsto result from Tythes being done away, & hishaving buried hisown Mother (Heroine's lamented Grandmother) in consequence of the High Priestof the Parish in which she died, refusingto pay her Remains the respect due to them.The Father to be of a very literary turn, an Enthu::siast in Literature, nobody's Enemy but his own — at the same time most zealous in the discharge7. Mr Sherer.of his Pastoral Duties, the model of an 7. exemplary Parish Priest. — The heroine's friendship to besought after by a young Woman in the same8. Mary Cooke Neighbourhood, of 8. Talents & Shrewdneſs, with light eyes & a fair skin, but having a considerabledegree of Wit, Heroine shall shrink from theacquaintance. — From this outset, the Story will proceed, & contain a striking variety of adventures.9. Many CriticsHeroine & her Father never above a 9. fortnighttogether in one place, he beingdriven from his Curacy

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