where the poor Father, quite worn down, after finding his end approaching, throws himselfon the Ground, & after 4 or 5 hours of tenderadvice & parental Admonition to his miserable Child, expires in a fine burst of Literary Enthusiasm, intermingled with Invectivesagain1 Holder's of Tythes. — Heroine inconsolablefor some time — but afterwards crawls backtowards her former Country — having at least 20 narrow escapes of falling into the hands of Anti-hero — & at last in the very nick of time, turning a corner to avoid him, runsinto the arms of the Hero himself, who having just shaken off the scruples which fetter'dfettered him before, was at the very momentsetting off in pursuit of her. — The Tender::est & completest Eclairciſsement takes place,& they are happily united. — Throughout thewhole work, Heroine to be in the most13. Fanny Knight. 13. elegant Society & living in high style.14. Mrs . CravenThe name of the work not to be 14. Emma15. Mr . H. Sanfordbut of the same sort as 15. S & S. and P & P.


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