Plan of a Novel, according to hints fromvarious quarters.

Scene to be in the Country, Heroine the1. Mr . Gifford Daughter only child of a 1. Clergyman, one who after havinglived much in the World had retired from it,& settled on a Curacy, with a very small fortuneof his own. — He, the most excellent Man thatcan be imagined, perfect in Character, Temper & Mannersdoing infinite good in his Parish, a Bleſsing to everybody connected with him, & without the smallest drawback or peculiarity to prevent his being the most delightful com::panion to his Daughter from one year's end2. Fanny Knightto the other. — Heroine a 2. faultleſs Character her::self —, perfectly good, with much tenderneſs3. Mary Cooke.& sentiment, & not the least 3. Wit — very highly4. Fanny K. 4. accomplished, understanding modern Languages & (generally speaking) everything that themost accomplished young Women learn, butparticularly excelling in Music — her favouritepursuit — & playing equally well on the Piano Forte& Harp — & singing in the first stile.5. Mary CookeHer Person, quite beautiful — 5. dark eyes &plump cheeks. — Book to open with thedescription of Father & Daughterwho are to conversein long speeches, elegant Language – & a toneof high, serious sentiment. — The Father tobe induced, at his Daughter's earnest request, to

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