Mr Gower bowed — "You are too obligingMa'am — I assure you that I like the houseextremely — and if they would completetheir generosity by giving me their eldest1daughter in Marriage with a handsome portion, I should have nothing more towish for." This compliment brought ablush into the cheeks of the lovely Miſs Webb, who seemed however to refer herselfto her father & Mother. They looked delightedat each other — At length Mrs Webb breakingsilence, said — "We bend under a weight of obligations to you which we can never repay. Take our girl, take our Maria, and on her must the difficult task fall, of endeavouring to make some return to somuch Benefiscence." Mr Webb added, "Her fortune is but ten thousand pounds, whichis almost too small a sum to be offered."


RWC and Sabor both read as 'elder'. Back to context...
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