This objection however being instantly re::moved by the generosity of Mr Gower, who declared himself satisfied with the sum men::tioned, Mr & Mrs Webb, with their youngest daughter took their leave, and on the nextday, the nuptials of their eldest with MrGower were celebrated. — This amiable Man now found himself perfectly happy; united to a very lovely and deserving young woman, with an handsome fortune, an elegant house, settled in the village of Evelyn, & by that means enabled tocultivate his acquaintance with Mrs Willis, couldhe have a wish ungratified? — For some monthshe found that he could not, till one day as hewas walking in the Shrubbery with Maria lean::ing on his arm, they observed a rose full-blown lyeing on the gravel; it had fallen from a rose tree which with three others had been planted byMr Webb to give a pleasing variety to thewalk. These four Rose trees served also to markthe quarters of the Shrubbery, by which means

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