pause) there is a Family, who tho'though warm::ly attached to the spot, yet from a peculiar Generosity of Disposition would perhaps bewilling to oblige you with their house. the remainder of their Lease." He eagerly caught at this idea, and having gained a direction to theplace House, he set off immediately on his walkto it. As he approached the House, he was delighted with its situation. It was in theexact center of a small circular paddock, which was enclosed by a regular paling, & bordered with a plantation of Lombardy pop::lars, & Spruce firs alternately placed in three rows. A gravel walk ran through thisbeautiful Shrubbery, and as the remain::der of the paddock was unincumbered by1with any other Timber, the surface of it perfectly even and smooth, and grazed by fourwhite Cows whoich2 were disposed at equaldistances from each other, the whole appear:


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