:ance, of the place as Mr Gower entered the Paddock was uncommonly striking. A beau:: tifully-rounded, gravel road without any turn or interruption led immediately to thehouse. Mr Gower rang – the Door was soonopened. "Are Mr & Mrs Webb at home?" "My Good Sir they are" — replied the Servant; And leading the way, conducted Mr Gowerup stairs into a very elegant Dreſsing room,where a Lady rising from her seat, welcomedhim with all the Generosity which MrsWillis had attributed to the Family.

"Welcome best of Men — Welcome to this House, & to every thing it contains. William,tell your Master of the happineſs I enjoy –invite him to partake of it –. Bring up some Chocolate immediately; Spread a Cloth in the dining Parlour, and carry in the venison pasty –. In the mean time let the Gentleman have some sandwiches, andbring in a Basket of FruitSend up some Ices and

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