not be wanting; for indeed Sir I have a simpathetic Soul."

"Amiable Woman (said Mr Gower, affected almost to tears by this generous offer)This Greatneſs of mind in one to whom Iam almost a Stranger, serves but to make me the more warmly wish for a house inthis sweet village —. What would I not giveto be your Neighbour, to be bleſsed with your Acquaintance, and with the farther know::ledge of your virtues! Oh! with what pleasure would I form myself by such an example!Tell me then, best of Women, is there nopoſsibility? — — I cannot speak — you knowmy Meaning —."

"Alas! Sir, replied Mrs Willis, there is none.Every house in this village, from the sweetneſsof the Situation, & the purity of the Air, inwhich neither Misery, Illhealth, or Vice areever wafted, is inhabited. And yet, (after a short

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