antidotes against every disappointment, and con::solations under them, she had another, which af::forded her constant releif in all her misfortunes,and that was a fine shady Bower, the work ofher own infantine Labours aſsisted by those oftwo young Companions who had resided in thesame village —. To this Bower Garden, which terminat::ed a very pleasant and retired walk in her Aunt's Garden, she always wandered wheneveranything disturbed her, and it poſseſsed such a charm over her senses, as constantly to tranquillize her mind & quiet her spirits — Solitude & reflection might perhaps have hadthe same effect in her Bed Chamber, yet Habithad so strengthened the idea which Fancy had first suggested, that such a thought never oc::curred to Kitty who was firmly persuadedthat her Bower alone could restore her to herself.Her imagination was warm, and in her Freind ::ships, as well as in the whole tenure of her Mind, she was enthousiastic. This beloved Bower had been the united work of herself and

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