Catharine Kitty, or the Bower

Catharine Kitty had the misfortune, as many heroineshave had before her, of losing her Parents when she was very young, and of being brought up under thecare of a Maiden Aunt, who while she tenderly loved her, watched over her conduct with so scru::tinizing a severity, as to make it very doubtfulto many people, and to Catharine Kitty amongst the rest, whether she loved her or not. She had frequently been deprived of a real pleasure through this jealous Caution, had been sometimes obliged to relinquisha Ball because an Officer was to be there, or todance with a Partner of her Aunt's introductionin preference to one of her own Choice. But her Spirits were naturally good, and not easily de::preſsed, and she poſseſsed such a fund of vivacity and good humour as could only be damped bysome very serious vexation. — Besides these

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