to make the good woman uneasy was im::poſsible —. He turned from her in visible a::gitation. "What a situation am I in!" said he to himself as he walked to the windowand threw up the sash. He found himselfrevived by the Air, which he felt to a muchgreater degree when he had opened the win::dow than he had done before. Yet it wasbut for a moment —. The agonizing pain idea of Doubt and Suspence again weighed down his Spirits. The good woman who had watchedin eager silence every turn of his Countenance with that benevolence which characterizesthe inhabitants of Evelyn, intreated him totell her the cause of his uneasineſs. "Isthere anything Sir in my power to do, [.]that1may releive your GreifsTell me in what manner I can sooth them, & beleive me thatthe freindly balm of Comfort and Aſsistance shall


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