James Edward Austen But my dearest Rosa said the astonishedGower, I thought you were dead & buried —

Why my drdear Frederick replied Rosa I wished you to think so, hoping that you would spread the report about the country & it would thus by some means reach Castle — By this I hoped some howor other to touch the hearts of its inhabitants It was not till the day before yesterday that I heard of the death of my belovedHenry which I learned from Mr DDavenport who concluded by offering me his hand I accepted it with transport, & wasmarried yesterday — – Mr Gower, embracedhis sister & shook hands with Mr Davenport,he then took a stroll into the town – As hepaſsed by a public house he called for a pot of beer, which was brought himimmediately by his old friend Mrs Willis –Great was his astonishment at seeing

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