James Edward Austen  Mrs Willis in Carlisle. But not forgetfulof the respectful he owed her, he dropped on one knee, & received the frothy cupfrom her, more grateful to him than Nectar He instantly mande1 her an offer of his hand & heart, which she graciously condescended to accept, tellinghim that she was only toon [.]a visit to hercousin, who kept the Anchor & should be ready to return to Evelyn, wheneverhe chose The next morning they were married & immediately proceededto Evelyn – When he reached home, he recollected that he had never writtento Mr & Mrs Webb to inform them of the death of their daughter, which he rightly supposed they knew nothingof, as they never took in any newspapers – He immediately dispatched thefollowing Letter


'd' written over another letter, possibly 'n'. Back to context...
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