supposing that they now were both alive."His Lordship seemed loſsed in astonishment.Lady could not support the mention ofher Son, and left the room in tears; therest of the Family remained attentivelylistening, almost persuaded that Mr Gowerwas distracted. "Mr Gower, replied his Lordship This is a very odd question — It appears tome that you are supposing an impoſsibility – No one can more sincerely regret the deathof my Son than I have always done, and it gives me great concern to know thatMiſs Gower's was hastened by his –. Yet to suppose them alive is destroying at once the Motive for a change in my sentiments con::cerning the affair." "My Lord, replied Mr Gower in anger, I see that you are a mostinflexible Man, and that not even the deathof your Son can make you wish his future Life happy. I will no longer detain your Lord==ship

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