rose and received him with all the politeneſsof a well-bred Man. Lady who felt a deeper Sorrow at the loſs of her Son, than his Lordships harder heart was capable of, could hardly keepher Seat when she found that he was the Brother of her lamented Henry's Rosa's Charles'1 Rosa. "My Lordsaid Mr Gower as soon as he was seated, You are perhaps surprised at receiving a visitfrom a Man whom you could not have theleast expectation of seeing here. But my Sistermy unfortunate Sister is the real cause ofmy thus troubling you: That luckleſs Girlis now no more – and tho'though she can receive no pleasure from the intelligence, yet for thesatisfaction of her Family I wish to knowwhether the Death of this unhappy Pairhas made an impreſsion on your heart suffi::ciently strong to obtain that consent totheir Marriage which in happier circum::stances you would not be persuaded to give


'Henry' is a superlinear insertion above deleted 'Charles'', which may itself be written over a previous word, possible 'Rosa's'. Back to context...
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