and a profusion of old Timber which appearedto him illsuited to the stile of the Castle, forit being a building of a very ancient old date, hethought it required the Paddock of Evelyn lodgeto form a Contrast, and [...]enliven1 the structure.The gloomy appearance of the old Castle frown::ing on him as he followed it's winding ap::proach, struck him with terror. Nor did he think himself safe, till he was introducedinto the Drawing room where the Familywere aſsembled to tea. Mr Gower was aperfect Stranger to every one in the Circlebut tho'though he was always timid in the Dark and easily terrified when alone, he did notwant that more neceſsary & more noble cour::age which enabled him without a Blushto enter a large party of superior Rank, whomhe had never seen before, & to take his Seatamongst them with perfect Indifference. The name of Gower was not unknown toLord . He felt distreſsed & astonished; Yet


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