attentions had the pleasure of seeing him gra::dually recover the use of his feet. It was ableſsing by no means lost on him, for he was no sooner in a condition to leave the house,than he mounted his horse, and rode to Cas::tle, wishing to find whether his Lordshipsoftened by his Son's death, might have beenbrought to consent to the match, had both he and Rosa been alive. His amiable Mariafollowed him with her Eyes till she could see him no longer, and then sinking into her Chair overwhelmed with Greif, found that in hisabsence she could enjoy no comfort.

Mr Gower arrived late in the evening at the castle, which was situated on a woody Eminence commanding a beautiful prospectof the Sea. Mr Gower did not dislike the Situation, tho'though it was certainly greatly su::inferiorperior to that of his own house. There was an irregularity in the fall of the ground,

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