Rose was affected by it, beyond the power of Expreſsion. It was to soften her affliction by ob::taining a picture of her unfortunate Loverthat her brother undertook a Journey intoSuſsex, where he hoped that his petition would not be rejected, by the severe yet afflict::ed Father. When he reached Evelyn hewas not many miles from Castle, but the pleasing events which befell him in that place had for a while made him totallyforget the object of his Journey & his unhappy Sister. The little incident of the rose however brought everything concerning her to his recol::lection again, & he bitterly repented his neg::lect. He returned to the house immediatelyand agitated by with Greif, Apprehension and Shamewrote the following Letter to Rosa.

July 14th —. Evelyn

My dearest Sister

As it is now four months since I left Carlisle, during which period I have

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