not once written to you, You will perhaps un::justly accuse me of Neglect and Forgetfulneſs. Alas! I blush when I own the truth of your Accusation. — Yet if you are still alive, do not think too harshly of me, or suppose that I could for a moment forget the situation of myRose. Beleive me I will forget you no longer, butwill [...]hasten1 as soon as poſsible to Castle if I find by your answer that you are still alive. Maria joins me in every dutiful and affectionate wish, & I am yours sincerely

F.Frederic Gower.

He waited in the most anxious expecta::tion for an answer to his Letter, which arrived as soon as the great distance fromCarlisle would admit of. — But alas, it camenot forfrom2 Rosa.

Carlisle July 17th 

Dear Brother

My Mother has taken the liberty ofopening your Letter to poor Rose, as she has been


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